The Business of
FPSOs, Shuttle Tankers and Peter Lovie


For Bluewater as Business Development Manager, North America, held responsibility for developing single point mooring and FPSO business with North America customers, including marketing and contract negotiation. Oversaw technical and commercial dealings for international projects for customers in North America. Identified customers and projects, conducted marketing and sales campaigns, as well as preparing preliminary proposals and conceptual engineering designs.

  • Led $400,000,000-bid for generic West African FPSOs, for major oil company applying lessons from internal workshops.
  • Managed development and bidding of SPM projects.
  • Conducted iterative bid clarification, re-submission, and final negotiation process.
  • Devised competitive lease calculations and term trade-offs.
  • Created and led internal workshop on project management with 27 managers and specialists, to diagnose and recommend countermeasures for major FPSO construction overruns—affecting company direction and survival.
  • Served as activist in Deepstar-led industry EIS initiative, leading to MMS and USCG acceptance of FPSOs in the GoM.
  • Acted as company spokesperson at industry meetings and commercial events.
  • Proposed FPSOs for deepwater offshore field developments, often in competition with technologies such as TLPs, Spars, and subsea tiebacks.
  • Developed and chaired an SPE workshop series in Houston, Texas and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Visited industry experts, assessed technical requirements, and completed economic projections—for ocean mining.
  • Pioneered company’s evaluation of GTL technologies, assembled a consortium of companies for a methanol floating production application offshore Nigeria.
  • Investigated new business lines using company’s existing skill sets, including ocean mining, FPDSOs (FPSOs with drilling capability), and use of gas-to-liquids technology on board tankers.
  • Created and co-chaired SPE workshop on business lines of possible commercial interest (i.e., latest dealing with stranded gas).
  • Responded to requirements for Floating Storage Offshore (FSO) vessels for most parts of the world where of have production of oil has happened or been planned.
  • Conducted two year campaign for redeployment of the Glas Dowr FPSO after the fields it was originally on were a bust.