The Business of
FPSOs, Shuttle Tankers and Peter Lovie

As an independent consultant, assignments under the Peter M Lovie PE, LLC banner have included:-

  • Project manager and independent Principal Investigator on behalf of RPSEA for a US Department of Energy funded study on deepwater offloading for US Gulf of Mexico, performed by a five company team in collaboration with ten US operators. Final Report signed 8Oct13, published on 28Mar14 at
  • Assessment of tailend production field acquisition candidates already using an FPSO (an operating oil company);
  • Business coach (a software company);
  • Advising on entry to FPSO market (two equipment providers);
  • Definition of requirements and solicitation of proposals from FPSO contractors for a field development for West Africa, normalizing these proposals to the operator’s needs;
  • Other confidential business for multiple investor clients in the offshore arena;
  • Chaired and/or presented at 14 industry conferences in Singapore, UK and US: most recent was the Third Annual Emerging FPSO Forum in Galveston on 26 September 2013. As in past two Forums, serves as Chair of Program Committee for the 2014 FPSO Forum in Galveston.