The Business of
FPSOs, Shuttle Tankers and Peter Lovie

The 2009 Shoot out at the LT Corral

Export Debate and Reception • New Orleans, Louisiana • February 2009

Event Highlights

The coming competition between pipelines and shuttle tankers on export in the these same remote ultra deep waters of the GoM, and what this may mean in the next two years is discussed in a presentation at Deep Oil Technology (DOT) in New Orleans in February 2009:, it stirred a friendly debate between the protagonists of the different transportation modes in a reception afterwards.

The gunslingers (panelists)

The Gunslingers

1Rex Mars with Project Consulting, independent pipeline construction viewpoint

2Jim Healey with Williams, major pipeline owner and operator

3Tom Burgess  with OSG, shipowner, shuttle tanker contractor for Cascade/Chinook


4Kim Diedrichsen with Remora, developer of HiLoad

5Gene Kliewer with Offshore magazine, moderator

6Peter Lovie with Devon, operator, end user

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ShootOut ShootOut ShootOut
ShootOut ShootOut ShootOut

The Two Linked & Ongoing Debates:

Facility and Transportation

1. Facility - two main options

  • Semisubmersible or Spar without storage
  • FPSO with storage + Disconnectable

2. Transportation – five main options

  • Pipeline: Long history of success in GoM;
  • Shuttle Tankers: First use at Cascade/Chinook in 2010, common in North Sea;
  • FSO + Shuttle Tankers: Common elsewhere in   world, studied for GoM;
  • One Hiload + Conventional Tankers for FPSO: only new part is HiLoad prototype;
  • Two HiLoads + conventional tankers for Semi/Spar.


The Lower Tertiary Trend in GoM:

Scene of the future "Shoot out at the LT Corral"

Lower Tertiary

Lower Tertiary Trend - Encouraging Industry Results


Lower Tertiary Block Ownership

Not a traditional line up for a frontier