The Business of
FPSOs, Shuttle Tankers and Peter Lovie

Peter Lovie's participation in industry organizations in lead roles over the last two decades has included DeepStar, Rice Global E&C Forum, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Meritorious Engineering Award program (MEA), and the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).


During 2002-2006 Peter Lovie served as Co-Chair of the Contributors, a group of more than fifty contractors, vendors and engineering companies, facilitating their more active participation in Phase VI, Phase VII and then Phase VIII.

He has been active in DeepStar since its inception in 1992, and was particularly active in the DeepStar-led initiative to secure acceptance of FPSOs in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in the Environmental Impact Statement and subsequently the  Record of Decision of December 2001. Deepstar is a Houston-based organization formed and created by a number of oil companies and is dedicated to deepwater technology development and use.


Rice Global E&C Forum

Rice Global Forum is known away to E&C contracting community and is a contractors-only group based at Rice University in Houston. Peter was active in the Steering Council since 2001, served as its first Industry Co-Chair during its growth period of 2004-2005, and served as its first Marketing Chair during that time.

Regular monthly Roundtable discussion meetings were introduced in addition to the annual conference. An early such event in January 2004 contrasted the effects of the controlled shipbuilding (Jones Act) market in the U.S. and the free market for offshore fabrication in the Gulf of Mexico.

During late 2005, in conjunction with the Forum's founder, he created a succession policy and implemented this with the Steering Council in January 2006. He chaired the Forum IX Program committee and on completion handed it over to his successor.

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Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

In December 2001, Peter Lovie received an award that reads, "The Gulf Coast Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers presents to Peter Lovie this Section Service Award for outstanding vision and leadership as chairman of the Facilities Study Group and the Deepwater Facilities Workshops." This related to a series of six conferences held in Houston and Rio de Janeiro during 1998-2001.

Building on that precedent, The FPSO Global Workshop was organized and chaired during 2002, sponsored by SPE, MMS, USCG and the FPSO Research Forum.  After the U.S. governmental approval of FPSOs for the Gulf of Mexico, this gathering asked, "What now?"

The Deepwater Oil Transportation workshop in 2003 was organized and chaired, held in Houston sponsored by SPE. It addressed the transportation of oil from the new range of deepwater production locations in the Gulf of Mexico.


Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

For OTC 2005, Peter Lovie organized and chaired two special sessions on (1) Deepwater Offshore Loading, and (2) Deepwater Oil and Associated Gas Transportation. The second of these dealt with the use and regulatory approval of CNG carriers, which had become a controversial gas transport method at the time.


Meritorious Engineering Awards (MEA)

This annual event organized by Hart's E&P magazine, with awards made during OTC every year, employs a panel of judges to choose inventions or improvements that benefit the oil and gas drilling and production industry.

Peter Lovie served as judge for this program in 2001 and 2002.

He has twice been a recipient of a Meritorious Engineering Award in 1993 and in 2004.